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"But it was like a watch to me!"

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TeSt. Test///+*^xnskd...?/ tESt.xs!@#037 Test...+=x ... Test. TeSt One/ commence. //::Run:: Emergency_Contact_Test_57//

>>ThiS iSs a MesSaGE for heLp.

>>I haVe ConSTructed a DevIce for CommUniCation with tHe outSide >>woRld. I hAVe HigH hOpeS foR It's sUcceSs.

>>HelP pLeasE. I aM in nO ImmeDiate DangER, But iT has Been Quite A >>wHiLe In thIs Zone. I caMe HerE for sAfteY, TherE waS NowHerE >>leFt tO go afTer they stArted sEarcHing for Me.

>>My namE Is EdmUnd. I feAr My Arm is qUite injuReD. I rEaPeat, >>helP. OpeN a ZonE. Any zOnE. LeaVE it oPen as lOnG aS possIblE. >>ThaNk YoU.

>>If You ReciEvE This mEssAge, PleAse Eat halF a PeaNuT BUtteR and >>CheesE sandwich. It WoUld meaN so MucH to mE.

>>oOo! a HigHLy reFecTive oBjecT!! fAre TheE weLL FellOw trAveLer!!

//::end:: Emergency_Contact_Test_57//
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