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Shiny Things' Journal

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Monday, September 18th, 2006
7:00 pm



We welcome you to join sonic_x_rpg a new community for those who love to rp and have fun!

Many characters available seeing as we’ve just opened!!!!!!

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Thursday, September 25th, 2003
11:16 am

DON'T READ THIS UNLESS YOUR kokochan OR satanspetcynic.

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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2002
11:28 pm - J0000lieeeeeeee

........ I am no longer Ok....

It's sad....... I can be so happy, but then.... a moment later I'm falling again...... I can't believe it..... we broke up.

....How?? .. We were... we were right. We were... just... so RIGHT for each other.... ._- Even if we couldnt be happy, we could always be close. I hate this shit. I'm gonna try to be happy again, K??

Daddy came back!!!! So many years in ... the.. the fucking ABYSS, and hes suddenly back... It's amazing, it's so easy to block out the rest of your thoughts just trying to COMPREEND how he managed it, but..

.... And.... Who am I kidding... I need to depress... I'm hurting so bad,,,, I cant show Kragok anymore.... he must know.. he must hate me for being so stupid...

Just a naive little kid, just like Kragok said. He ran away from me so I ran away from him. It's that simple. If he doesnt give a fuck about me, I'll just stay out of his way, if he's so high and mighty, to good to get a little blood on his hands....

current mood: bitchy

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Thursday, August 29th, 2002
9:14 pm

Before I left, my father gave me this small portable...handheld...thing. So...I can write here and such. I guess I would say 'yay' if I was a 'yay' kind of guy. But I'm not. Onwards.

We arrived in this new house yesterday. It's pretty damn big, I found a room I liked on the second floor. Shadow and Maria are sleeping 2 doors down and across, Sonic and Tails are on the fourth, while Sally and Mina are on the third. I tried to...well....My Guardian mark has half dissapeared...So of course, this is a cause for concern, correct? Well...I had remembered that Dimitri had told me to call him if I had a question...and I did. A question I wanted to ask him and him only. So...you know what he does when he arrives? Kisses me. WTF?!!!!!!! n______---n()() I didn't get much out of the conversation, until he left...and he said "Your power makes you who you are." At first I though, duh. o_O Of course. And then I ACTUALLY have been thinking about it....so....It's the M.E., isn't it? I have been away from it for...wow...Since January? I've been human... 8 months. That means I've been with Julie-Su for 8 months.

Julie was gone by the time we entered. I don't know where she went...but I miss her. I don't always like the cuddling, I don't like it sometimes when she keeps me awake by kissing me, I don't like getting awoken to such *suprises* but...I love her more than anyone I know. And thus, I miss her. I was going out to look for her when I ran into Sonic and Tails. I don't exactly know how to act around Sonic now. I mean, we've been in fights before...I've kicked the shit out of him plenty of times in Hyper form...he'd only gotten me once in Super form. But I've NEVER seen him so....like that. He was...well....I don't know. It left me scared;;; But here he is, playing with Tails, and he looks over smiling. I don't know what to think. I hung around with them for awhile though... . .. .....I guess there friends too, eh?

I need to see what happened to Julie, but it appears we're going out now....I might not come *Shrugs* I have to figure things out on my own....When I use to be alone on the island, I was never dependent on anyone to get questions answered...now whenever I have the slightest thought my first idea is to go to father. Well no. ...But speaking of, I need to call him to tell him the adress. Shit.

current mood: thoughtful

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8:37 pm - ~>*>::- TAIRSU -::<*<~

^__^ Helloooo journal thingy!! Its Tails again, (I'm using Nicole so no juicy secrets today ^_~-- XDDD!!! j/k) Anyway, things have been going sooooooo well lately!! I can't even believe how greatthisisOMGitsoooooROCKS!! We got a HOUSE!!! A BIG house!! ^___^ I have my own room!! Right next to Sonics!! ._@ Darn it... Just realized I havent changed these jeans in two days... I realize cause I shiften on the bed and now theres a tear in the thigh. n_n Stupid jeans;;; Oh well.. Sonic will help me get new ones...

A few days ago a scary man called Athair tried to kidnap me ._.; He was really powerful and really old andwrinkly and grumpy ._.; I asked Sonic what was wrong with him and Sonic just kinda waved his hand and said "he's OLD" ^^;;; I wish I understood... I almost drowned though. When I escaped, Athair threw me in the pool .___. Sonic saved me though =^_^= I got a long hug and he stayed with me till I fell asleep, he even laid down on the floor with me (i have no bed yet x_X)and kept me warm. I think he put my tails on me when he went away though, cause I stayed warm ^^ <3

^_^ OHH!!! Thehouseissooooomega awsesomewaycool!!! We're right on the edge of these cliffs, they used to be part of the city but that crumbled (._.;;) so now we have an ocean veiw!! (at least thats what Shadow calls it) There are a hundred rooms and the kitchen is all white and stainless steel and thelivingroomcarpetis SO soft... I scootched across it in my socks and when Sonic walked in to get some juice I pounced him. ^---^ He got orange juice all over us both, but it was worth it =DDDD Knuckles came down and said he screams like a woman. Sonic asked how would HE know. (._o! when they fight its scary now... but theyre trying to be normal I can tell) And Knuckles went all red (XDD to match his hair!!) but then he looked all smug and he said He remembered that time when we first moved in and we played Catch The Sonic, and he remembered when he dropped Sonic over the trash dumpster so THATS how he knew. Sonic just looked at him funny a moment then I felt his hands tighten on me and then threw me at Knuckles. XDDD;;; Oh dear;; I didnt think I'd shock him THAT bad;;; All his hair was standing on end.... But the strangest thing happened... I was clinging to his middle, (so he couldnt punch me 0o;;) and he growled and stiffened, and I waited for him to smack me somewhere, and he DIDNT o_O; I just suddenly felt him walking, and I looked up--- and then he started pouring the rest of the juice on my head. ^_^;;; Hehe;; It was strange... but kinda.. cool o.o I guess he'd finally realized just how strong his body is. He's been moping a little though, Julie dissapeared on the day we bought the house. I don't know where she is either. ._.;; I hope she comes back soon, Knuckles is lonely without her.

My chao are coming along great too!! They follow me around the house sometimes, but alot of times I don't see them for awhile. I think theyve been living down in the basement, but last night they all slept on me cause it was cold. ^^ Musta been too cold in the basement... o_^ I'll have to get them a heater. And the new baby, Starburst, is soo~ pretty... Shes growing little spikes, like an echidna, and even has little baby knuckles... awww ^-^ o_o The chao in general are getting stronger though.. Ive never seen chao like this. I mean, I feed them really good and all, and make sure they excersize... o_o but I dunno.

Today I was taking a bath and I found some bubble bath in the bottom of one of the drawers so I took that out and poured a bunch in, (it smelled like strawberrys ^^;) and I filled up the bathtub (which is HUGE o_O AND theres a shower in there with 2 heads!! TWO!! o_O Why would there need to be water at either side of the shower though o_O You cant be in both at once! o_^ Well maybe Sonic could... but anyway I got in and five minutes later all the chao came stampeding in (I think they miss when me and Sonic would take baths with them) and they all got in and started playing but then they were making a huge mess! And Shadow came by and banged on the door and them jumped in, cause Bruiser was covering my mouth and there was all this water pouring out from under the door oO;; But anyway I was sitting there up to my chest in bubbles but there was no water left in the tub o_o; So Shadow had to get the babies out. But HE was even having a hard time... Theyre real smart and turn into glop XDDDD

Anyway o_O Now I hear Sally. She says were going out for Pizza!! =DDD ALL RIGHT!! ^__^ --- O..O Oh no my jeans... =D Pizza! YAY!! ^_^

current mood: chipper

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Tuesday, July 9th, 2002
11:58 am


I didn't think it'd be possible, but I pulled it off. I'm BACK. Back from spending day after week after month after year after century under that forsaken mountain....and WOW, strange place to come back to. I arrive to find thousands of men and women in black robes, worshipping me. Apparently, I'm some type of god of death with divine power (Er, half right?). Now what's up with THAT? Yes, I do not like Guardians, nor do I like the citizens of Echidnopolis for rejecting our (hn...) plan, but I don't wanna do something irrationally moronic like blow their heads off. At least, that's what they want me to do.

I have succesfully contained my peak form, saved for the right time. I'm pretty sure this time, I'll have complete control. Without that form, I can only use 7 of the 11 Master Chaos Emeralds within me. And I want to be able to use it ALL.

I've been busy making adjustments to this base of The Dark Legion. Kragok, my second, dislikes it though. And then I offered to remodel HIS room first, and then I got no response. What, did I miss something?

Also, I'm currently not on the best of terms with the Guardians (I doubt I'll ever be though), due to what happened a few days ago. One of their elders came to speak to me though, and perhaps, later, we can try that again.

Was quite a shock when I realized that coming back at this time ment my wife, mother, father, son and brother have all died. Apparently, my son is the one who began this orginization. I'd like to speak to him once more..... And, my brother...

Lastly, I sense some type of energy below the base. I haven't had any time to go check it out, and Lien always seems to have something to speak to me about in the very few times I do. I enjoy a good secret, so I'll figure it out on my own, no powers.

current mood: indifferent

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12:43 am - EDMUND-SAMA

TeSt. Test///+*^xnskd...?/ tESt.xs!@#037 Test...+=x ... Test. TeSt One/ commence. //::Run:: Emergency_Contact_Test_57//

>>ThiS iSs a MesSaGE for heLp.

>>I haVe ConSTructed a DevIce for CommUniCation with tHe outSide >>woRld. I hAVe HigH hOpeS foR It's sUcceSs.

>>HelP pLeasE. I aM in nO ImmeDiate DangER, But iT has Been Quite A >>wHiLe In thIs Zone. I caMe HerE for sAfteY, TherE waS NowHerE >>leFt tO go afTer they stArted sEarcHing for Me.

>>My namE Is EdmUnd. I feAr My Arm is qUite injuReD. I rEaPeat, >>helP. OpeN a ZonE. Any zOnE. LeaVE it oPen as lOnG aS possIblE. >>ThaNk YoU.

>>If You ReciEvE This mEssAge, PleAse Eat halF a PeaNuT BUtteR and >>CheesE sandwich. It WoUld meaN so MucH to mE.

>>oOo! a HigHLy reFecTive oBjecT!! fAre TheE weLL FellOw trAveLer!!

//::end:: Emergency_Contact_Test_57//

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Monday, July 8th, 2002
10:57 pm

- Moritori Rex -

I don't see why I bother. Honestly. Maybe I'll just take a long walllkkkk. And NOT come back++ I cannot STAND this place. CAN NOT STAND. It's WORSE than before. Yeah, WORSE. HOW?! Now we're all basically in one room, and everyones alot...happier+++ Especially Sojourner and Thunderhawk. And Locke's girlfriend, Amy, lives here too. SHE does not belong here. They've completly forgotten their OWN isolation rules. That was the thread that kept things from being total complete fucking HELL. But noooo, now it seems to be a good idea. I can't say HOW many times I've been poked by those little BRATS today, why can't they just understand I want them to go the fuck away. Maybe I should wear a sign. You know, the 'please don't disturb or I'll have to beat you upside the head' signs. They sell those, right? Then again, knowing this group, they'd probably paint on the back. Or something. God damnit.

Master Dimitri has returned, and I am yet to contact him. I need to get out in the next few weeks for a night to go to the base. But then again, I'd probably have to knock them out, considering that little elitest doesn't go to bed until 6am. Oooo, not that I MIND getting to do that...of course, it couldn't be the fun 'you'll never get up again' way. More drugged drinks, they're so trusting. It almost makes me feel guilty for doing it. Only not.

And the Saviour, Knuckles. There's something about him. Right when I met him, he gave me a suspcious look. I'll be more careful from now on, I think he knows more than I think about the Legion. I'll have to hope Julie-Su didn't notice, at least. Ah, that reminds me of Luger...

Anyway, I'll need to go now look like I'm asleep now, the only time I get is from 6-7am. He's sleeping so PEACEFULLY now.....Oh how I'll enjoy that day...

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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002
2:46 pm


....Dear God. I'm in my room right now... Rouge said something about needing a long shower and I'm sure as hell not staying anywhere where I might... well... be able to HEAR her or something. Heh... Mighty just about dropped off the face of the Earth when she said it. I think she stands deliberately that close to him... heh.... thats a good one. I must admit, it is hilarious to watch him wince. I swear to god... I don't think he's ever had a fuckin girlfriend;;;; I'll say this, he sure as hell needs one. Last I saw him Cheech was leading him out of the kitchen, probably to the hospital. I dont know how hes going to survive dinner tonight. I think Bee-boy said something about spaghetti and I just know that little "spy" is going to make the most of it.... why the hell am I even talking about her?? Ha. That wasn't gonna be the point. The point is writing enough to STAY in here and be.... working.... or something.... yeah. Anything to stay out of sight.

It's so suprising to suddenly be human. But whatever. I look good... but FUCK. Stupic EYES. They came out Aqua... Just like they were when I was a kid.... I finally outgrow them and then BANG they come back. Hell. I also managed to keep my tail by some miracle. good thing too, it's damned useful. Invisibily still working with usual efficiency. It's cool. Living in some apartment for now... Its small, but I managed my own room thank god. The minute we arrived I just go wandering into the kitchen and whos there but a prostitute! ....Or a model of some kind. Rouge. I dont believe the "spy" bit for a minute I think shes just a little voyeur.

Still with the boys... Poor Cheech came out deformed or something... so small! Damn I'm glad Mighty came out to be so.... Mighty. 'Cause I sure as hell ain't gonna babysit the little sucker! Mighty does a good job. Very fatherly and such, somtimes outright annoying. No ones gonna stop ME if I want to... well... go out or smoke or something. No one comes between me and Ciggy. Beautiful Ciggy is my best friend... well, her and Knuckles. Crap. come to think of it, Stress has been causing an almost unnatural amout of smoking.... oh wait, thats normal. For me that is. Anyway, I'm running low. Have to grow-- heh;; I mean... BUY some more. (like they fucking sell them;;;; they have something called "Nicotine" and "Menthol" here. Fucking nasty. I mean, it says, ON the damn package, that smoking them will KILL you. Fucking BRILLIANT.) Anyway, screw that, I need my Ciggys. More more. must remember that... Hate to suddenly be bereft. Mighty says they change my attitude. HA. No FUCKING KIDDING bro. If not for Ciggy, Id probably have killed/fucked that hot little spy chick. Goddamn it. Back to her again. Fucking hell... I need another cigarette.

I think she has some kind of radar. I cant even nap anymore, even invisibly!! She always ends up "accidentally" sitting on me stepping on my tail or dusting me or massaging me... ACCIDENT my tail. It wouldnt be such a source of stress if I napped with clothes on. Damn.

current mood: cranky

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Friday, May 31st, 2002
12:02 pm


I'm not sure if I enjoy being human.

These things...emotions, they scare me. I don't like to be scared, I like to be in control of myself. And now...now I'm overwhelmed with them. Because...I'm with Maria again. I still don't completly understand how she is here, with me, once again, but I don't really care for an explanation...all that matters is that she who called me a "friend" before anyone ever did, is with me again. She makes me feel emotion. She makes me feel LOTS of emotion. Maria says it's ok to experience such feelings, and that's what makes you human. But why would such a flaw be part of being human? It can cloud your judgement in important situations, and make you feel oddly towards others.

I know it's not possible to program the exact emotion, but I do know the Professor came very close to giving me one. Hatred. ...I wish to work through that feeling, whether the result leaves me feeling emotionless, or it's complete opposite.

I'm a little bit more comfortable with the others now that I've gotten to know them. I've been studying their behavior, the way they interact, their relationships....it's quite amazing. When I think they're on bad terms, they go and demonstrate kindness. When I have assesed that they're in a good mood, everything turns around.

That's why I'm scared about letting myself be "human". Those quick turn arounds, I don't know if I could handle experiencing that.

The Doctor ... used me back on the ARK. Simply because the Professor had programmed me to obey his wishs. I ended up hurting the others, but they have recovered. When I was able to decide against my programming, I went to destroy the Doctor, but there's some type of chemical reaction on him that makes it if you touch him, you become a robot. Now, my right arm, shoulder and part of my chest and back are metal. I figure it will be easy to fix, but then again, I could be wrong. Maria shows concern, and I don't want to worry her.

All and all, things are better for me now than they ever have been. Even if I have my doubts, I'm glad to be around people I actually can trust, and count as ... friends.

It'll be awhile before I would ever tell anyone that but Maria, though.

current mood: determined

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Thursday, May 27th, 2004
11:26 pm


oh wow! i cant believe im HERE! Earth!! FINALLY!! ohhhh and with SHADDY! ooo i thought i had lost him forever and now hes BACK!! im--- im so happy i could just explode into a thousand pieces!! im smiling so much right now, i cant remember smiling like this in ages!! MY SHADDY! home again! ooo when i pulled that lever.... i thought i was sending him away forever.... and then after... it hurt too much to remember... and when i woke up.... aw... it was so many years later... impossible to even presume..... oh well. i remember those days. rediscovering the ARK, remembering everything.... and meeting all the survivors... they didnt even WANT me to get my memory back, but i did! i dont know why it would be any good to forget, why would anyone ever want to forget?? if you dont remember you cannot pass it on... oh well ^_^ i remember whenever i chatted to Andrea for too long she would tell me, "hush now Maria, you act as if you were only 10 instead of thirty!" ...its no fair of them to tell me i aged, you dont age when youre asleep! or... ^_^; well you know what i mean! oh i feel terrible for just leaving them all like that... they must think me kidnapped, or WORSE! oh what they must think of Shadow.... ohhh O_O i am scared just to think of what they would do to him, should they ever see him again... but they wont. they will not see me either... i wish there was some way i could tell them im allright... perhaps ill ask dear Shaddy... but only after he fixes his arm! He went beserk at the hands of some villan, a gross, evel sounding creature the... blue haired boy called: Eggman. Eggman.... hmm... that is scary! but....

dear Shaddy, he is so kind, he thinks so harshly of himself, and he believes his destiny cant be one of happines... well i will show HIM! he deserves happiness as much as any other creature, and i am going to help him!! ohh... i cant help it... he such a special person... he wont even think of himself as a person. i ... i only wish i wasnt such a burden!! i am weak... it doesnt matter now, we just walk around this place, im not called upon to... do... anything ._. ...but if i was... i would be in Shaddys way!! and the others... they are so kind to me... i am truely blessed... There is a little boy with gold hair like me!! Andrea said i was the only one with hair like this! Hee hee!! there is so MUCH down here!! it is incredible.... Shadow is incredible... a human body now!! O_O i never thought i would see my adorable little hedgie.... oh well. ...im even... a little happy about it... ^_^ oh i dont know why!! he is beautiful... and such a... such a comfort to me... mmm... i only wish to stay by his side... forever.

current mood: ecstatic

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Thursday, May 30th, 2002
8:16 pm


I'm writing in this, here, again. Suprise, huh? I doubted I'd bother to keep a log after the whole "Robotroplis" thing but....

In case anyone finds this, I guess it's important to share. I'm Mina The Mongoose. Use to be Mongoose. Former Mongoose. .............or something like that. Let's keep it at "Mina."...Why former? 'Cause I'm human now. It's THRILLING! I love it! 'Cept, when I arrived, I had been transported away from Robotroplis and into this large city called *San Fransisco*. It has a *ton* of overlanders, but I DID meet some former furries! They, or at least some, come from Knothole Village! Yeah! THE! The one that raises those really strong Freedom Fighters! Totally honored, I am!! There are two former echidnas also, Knuckles and Julie, which I can't say I count as friends. Knuckles just plain out hates me. I guess I'll just need to make myself viewably worth his friendship. I don't want to have to carry any MORE conflict on my shoulders;;;. Then there is Sally and Tails (those are some of the Freedom Fighters!) who are really nice to me! They said I could stay where they live! And then Shadow and Maria, who I haven't had much interaction with, but they seem like very nice people :).

And lastly....there's Sonic. He's a HERO! Leader of the Freedom Fighters! I've heard about him a ton...and I thought the STORIES were good. He's GORGEOUS, and funny, and everything else I imagined! I try my best to look good around him, though. Luckily I'm not someone to trip over their words or sentences in the presence of such a person. But...I think he and Sally are an item, and I certainly don't want to get in the way of that. I've only been here for awhile, so we'll have to see how things work out :).

My speed, that I'm getting better at controlling. I still trip a lot, (How am I ever going to look worthy?!) but Sonic and his younger friend Tails said they would help me. Both are REALLY fast too, it's great to have people who could *really* help, unlike my family.....

I hope they're ok. ....I'll get Robotnik back for it.

current mood: good

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Monday, May 17th, 2004
8:08 am

~+~\\\*~ (--+--) LOCKE (--+--)~*///~+~

Ah.... back to this... this thing again, i dont care. father is being... well, father. so i cant really talk to him, its not like im going to turn to ... SPECTRE or something!! sweet aurora... a man needs to VENT. so many new things happening and... i just dont understand!! how could things have moved me along so quickly!? damn SoulTouch... i probably rushed her into it.... My well organized thought process has been all but shattered, my code of dress has been alarmingly diminished, my well thought-out persona and lifestyle are GONE. and you know what?? thats FINE. becase of her...

Amy. that name... shes..... nothing short of perfect. sweet, kind, funny, and oh my GOD... is she beautiful... i am... so filthied by lies, and deeds, years of being... ME. but now... now it doesnt matter. she.. she thinks ... she accepts me. its a new feeling. i should'nt be allowed to stand NEAR her, i am not good enough to touch her, not worthy to hold her in my arms, but for some reasno, Aurora managed to get us in the same BED. The single most intense experience of my life. ....and thanks to the soultouch, an experience that BEGS to be repeated... its everything i can do not to press my lips to hers, and drag her off to bed... but, i AM the adult. I should have more control, i should be more concerned for her saftey, i'd die before i hurt her, she so tiny. ah, me... what am i to do but love? it's all i can do right now.

current mood: anxious

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Tuesday, May 14th, 2002
1:42 pm


Well THIS is definitly different from anything we've ever done. I usually would object to how involved we're getting in with the lives of others recently, but it's been a lot more fun recently! ^_^ S'right, the entire group of us, DOING things outside of our home! I guess that's because we were forced. That's kinda sad...x.x Ok I'll stop thinking about that right now.

Being in an overlander body is REALLY....different o.o ._- I use to be as tall as the others but now I'm the shortest. NOT FAIR!! >.>
But the appearences of them...are very nice ^_^ Especially TH's....Where I shouldn't even let my mind wander ._~;; There's no way he feels the same about this...I'm just kinda embarrased about the entire thing. I guess everyone let's me get away with the hugging and such 'cause I SEEM and LOOK the youngest....¬_¬ Not that I mind half the time. *Grins*

Actually, I can't say ALL of us are together...~_~ I have no idea where Tobor ended up in this city o_O He wasn't at Haven at the time we got transported, so I guess it's makes sense....I still hope he's ok though :/

Though we have met our newest guardian! ^^ We'll (Me and TH ^-^) be joining him soon on a mission to the DL....~_~ I hope it'll go smoothly. Otherwise, I'm looking foward to it...^_~

current mood: complacent

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Saturday, May 11th, 2002
7:01 am - inspired by hoobastank!

}}}+*++=++...>[] THUNDERHAWK []<...++=++*+{{{

Just when I thought that I was better. It comes back. I don’t know what it is, after a hundred years or so, I should be over it, but no. its still there. I’m not getting any better. A few times a year, the SoulTouch makes its grand entrance. I LAUGH at the man who called it SoulTouch. Such a delicate thing to call this… this infliction, which causes me to lose every shred of my dignity and control. DAMNABLE SoulTouch! Ugh. I was teasing Locke yesterday and he asked ME why the hell I didn’t have a girlfriend, and I stumbled. Feh! A woman… I only wish it was that simple. It wouldn’t even be a problem… if… if I wanted someone else. But no. My body wants pretty Sojouner. Yes, my Aruora-deemed “brother”. SICK. …I mean, I could have any woman I wanted, especially in this new body… heh…. *pets body* but ANYWAY. Back to my point. My life is BAD. He is so close, and I can usually vent my feelings with play, the man isn’t slowed down by 250 years or something crazy like that. He’s perpetually sixteen apparently!! But me, I guess I’m just perpetually in lust, ne?? No way he ever lets me in, I mean…. It’s wrong… right? God the things id do to him, if given the chance…. DAMN IT. There it is again;;; god help me, I'm left in limbo, why cant I just… get CURED!?? …Anyway… goddamn it. I’m getting fucking repetitive. Ahhhhhh…… I wonder how beautiful Sojji deals with the SoulTouch??! ………..Intriguing….. I shall look into this…….

current mood: horny

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Tuesday, May 7th, 2002
8:15 pm

*walks in making chao sounds* AB-OB-A-BING-BONG-BOOM-ABBA-ABING-BOO-BING!
o.o ..... *ahem!* Look at me site www.fox-graphics.org and tell me what cha think. Also dun forget to look at da project ^o^

o.O you peeps heard the chao song from the SA2 Sound track called "Chao's Doki-Doki Banana Chips Run Mix" It's crazy yep yep!

LoL, I'm nuts me, my friend in RL know calls me Chao-Mon' cos I never shut up about how cool I think Chao are @.@ heheheh

current mood: crazy

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Wednesday, April 17th, 2002
9:44 pm

-Amy Rose-

Hey! ^__^ This is Amy! Wow ^.^ I haven't written down stuff in a diary in SO long...I think I stopped a few years ago ^__^;. I think it's 'cause I never had the time anymore. ^_^ And the book Rob had given me was filled up soooo....=D I have this now! ^_^ Oh it's totally ausome, I'm getting to figure out all this techy stuff :P <3! ^_^ Which is because...well I really should start at the beggining, but O_O; So much! When I arrived here, I was with someone I never ever met before o.o Which is kinda rare, because I know a lotta people ^^ Turns out his name is Locke, and he's a Guardian of the Floating ANGEL ISLAND O_O. That was a total shocker O_o I know barely anything about that place, especially since Rob use to tell me that place had works of the devil o.o (^_^; I think he's alittle out of the times XDDDD) But I don't think so ^^ It sounds just wonderful from what Locke told me ^_^ I hope I get to visit if we go back...

I've been thinking about that a lot. I don't mention it, but I'm wondering if the time comes, if I'm GOING to. This world is huge, and theres so much for me! While back where I came from...=/ I don't know. Rob sent me away from the forest WAYYY back ago, so I can't really say Knothole is my HOME ^^; And besides! Noone ever wants me to hang around with them! If it wasn't for Sonikku, I would of left ages ago! ._. I barely even KNOW anything about the other people there. They would always leave me when they went on missions to "clean up" or something. >< So annoying! I'm really good with my hammer now! I could whipe out any of those baddies they fight now!

I've been working also with my Tarot Cards! ^_^ I've been very careful of them (I'm sure mom would of wanted me to be! ^_^;)and I'm getting better! I really wanna help out Locke with what's going on now...I haven't told him about it, but I have a plan ^_^. I'm not going to mention it yet, but I'm sure he'll love it when I finish it!

-^_^- And yes, over the time I have been here, I've fallen in love with him ^^. He's really serious sometimes, but he's got a totally senstive side ^_^ Really sweet! And he's smart too! O_O He's helping me with a lotta the new things here ^___^.

I'm still Sonikkus Number ONE fan wherever I go though! ^____~ Heh <3!


Hmmm, I really don't know how I could explain all the recent events. I've been transferred to a whole nother planet. I haven't forgot my orginial objective though, to find out about Project SHADOW for the President. It wasn't until a few days ago I discovered where he was. Currently, I have been shifting between sides. Neither mean any to me, and I'll do whatever it takes to follow him and gather more information. Thank the lord I still have my wings @_@. I've found a few of the chaos emeralds; here!! Unfourtantely, one of them was destroyed. The other was used to help this boy named Sonic. Yes, the same one I mentioned a few weeks ago. He's quite the cutie ~_^. Although I do think Shadow is much more attractive than him. ^.~ The boy is living up to the standards of "Ultimate Lifeform." But of course, I can't exactly let any of that get in my way. Even if it takes awhile, I shall find a way to get closer to him. And I've certainly got a few tricks up my sleeve...

Ugh! Before I left working for Kragok, you wouldn't belive this, but he TOOK the other emerald I had!! He says it was for some dumb machine...Christ! I worked HARD to get it, and then it was TAKEN from me! The nerve...

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Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
6:10 pm - O.o entries =D im good...


Wow!! just... wow!! everything here is so ... wow. i mean, its like... everywhere, every level combined into one place, kinda. oh its confusing, but Sonics still here!! ^_^ so it EASY to stay focused...... anyway, guess what!! i have CHAO now!! ^__^ ee theyre so cute! i love them all, and boy... there are starting to be alot! seems like everyone getsa baby... they all dont pay so much attention to them, im glad there are alot, so they can have playmates!

... wow there may be alot of chao but the amount of PEOPLE is getting out of hand! theres Sonic, Knuckles, Julie-su, and now Aunt Sally!! ^^ i wish Auntie Bunnie was here too... then id have my whole family back!! Shadow is the newest. he tried to kill Sonic, but then, who hasnt?? i think.... yes, ive forgiven him... he... he talked to me... about a girl he used to know, she died. its really messed up... she definitely meant alot to him... its not fair that things like that happen to good people... hes started acting.. very nice, and suddenly hes cold again... i dont understant... i hope he goes back to how things were... he seemed almost happy.

Everyhing is so new, i still really like it though. i get to sleep with Sonic now, insted of seperate beds!! thats really nice, it feels so safe... and knowing aunt Sallys here, with Nicole, she can usually figure everything out! o_o cause theres lotsa stuff... theres... something about me i think, maybe... ya know, im not so important, but... eh.. she DID give the emerald to ME, and and... well ^_^ ah its silly... =D the others seem to be getting advanced healing abilities tho!! i swear they take a hit and as soon as i get over there their wounds are just closing up, its crazy! but conveinent ^_^ Sonic almost died ._. i have to take better care of him! ... If he died, I'd die too...


Well... isnt THIS an interesting situation... Im on a new planet, with a new body, but Sonics here, and little Tails! I'm glad, it was starting to get lonely with Shadow, that asshole;; I wish he hadnt turned out that way, I was almost starting to like him; anyway...
I still have Nicole, thank god. I'm getting along pretty well, and I dont miss home so much, mother and father will get along fine without me, considering Robotnick has moved his fithy enterprise HERE it seems... we had to go on an infiltration mission into his headquarters. ...Sonic and Tails and Shadow having to crossdres... im just thankful we havent met up with Antoine yet o_O or Rotor... XD;;;

o_O Sonic kissed me... I ... I suppose I ... might have been thinking along those lines for wuite a while now ^^; ...hes just... well, the man has a heart of gold... his human form is something to see too... his body matches his heart! ....o_O listen to ME will ya?? ...hhmph. years of deprivation and im victim in an instant XD. ohwell... I'll sort it out I'm sure...


I am in love. me. yeah. julie-su. julie-suicide. julie-survive-me-not. jules the bitch. the badass. i mean, in the legions, it barely registered i was... female. now i have a boyfriend. how sick is THAT. heh. fortunately hes the hottest, cutest, hardest, strongest big little toy on the block. also, i would like to say, just for the record,
THIS MANS NAME IS KNUCKLES. HE IS THE GAURDIAN OF THE FLOATING ISLAND. O____o i mean, what the fuck is THAT supposed to mean?? the man gave me a place to stay, THEN showed me what was what in hand-to-hand... (hah. LIKE i was trying XDD) .....weve fought some shit together and... i think i love him, if this is what love is. i hope so.
Speaking of love.... Kragok. brother. i miss him. i know the bodies must be really piling up around there with me gone... -_- i hope i can.. see him again soon... poor guy broke down when i broke his newest machine of death ._. i feel kinda guilty, but... well. seriously. he was killing Knuckles. i am a candyglass wall between two fighter jets. o_O either one of them hits the gas, and im history. XDD fortunately, im holding both ignitions. o_O hey jesus... im hanging around Sonic too much... that pun went way too far. and was kinda sick. oh well. fuck you. ^__^

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Wednesday, April 17th, 2002
10:01 am

For Selena/RP Char Log:


^_^; Yesterday was quite the day. I'm actually lucky to still be alive oO; Luckily, this bat girl (who's name is Rouge) came and let us borrow an emerald she had ^_^ I'm not exactly sure why she did that, considering she had kidnapped me a few weeks ago Oo;; Oh well, noone really decided to talk about that after it happened, and I guess she went her own way, 'cause she wasn't in the apartment when we got back. I think that's good, just because her and Tails don't exactly seem to hit it off well X_x. Not that I'm paticulary fond of her, but still, she did help....hm o_X;;

^_^ I had a talk with Sally before we went back. I haven't been able to really talk to her like that since before the last time she left....which was a good 7 months ago or so. I'm really glad I told her how I felt...^^ And suprised to discover she also feels the same way. Unluckily, before we could talk anymore, Nicole alerted us of a break in o_O By the time we got back to our apartment, Julie (And I guess Knux) were already back. Everything was still all messy, and it didn't really seem like anyone had been in there @_@; Shadow came in with Tails a few moments later and fixed the apartment up really well! ^_^ But it looks like they also had some trouble...=/ I don't really know what's up with Shadow. I can't really talk to him about it...just 'cause I doubt he would talk to me about it. BUT, I did talk to Tails about it, and though he seemed a little down when I got to him, I think he was happy by the time we went to bed ^_^.

We're gonna go to the beach today! I really hope today just stays good o_o; I think we deserve it.


Yesterday was fairly challanging. It seems that our opposing forces have chaos energy on their side. I asked Tails if he knew anyway to neutralize the energy, but he didn't know what I ment. I suppose it's too early for him to know of any of his true abilities. I talked to him for quite awhile and he mentioned having "favorite things to do". I don't exactly understand what he ment, but he said perhaps we will find out what mine is.

By the time we got home, everything was a mess. Tails and I were the last to arrive, but it seemed we basically arrived at the same time everyone else did. I fixed things up though, and it didn't appear anything was stolen.

I think within me, I had something programmed to keep me from getting distracted with my true job. I'm not suppost to make friends with any of them, but I really enjoyed Tails friendship...He's so much like Maria. Very sweet and actually bothered to become my friend...I'll have to think the whole matter over.

I was less than nice to Tails last night, and I think the others have some bad feelings for me now. I think I'll try to make it up to him in the morning, after I find out more about whatever is keeping me on track.


Geez, I don't even feel like going over what's happened recently. Mostly because it just doesn't seem like it's really happening. I have altered chaos energy in me, and to add to that, I have to pick which side I want to be on within two weeks!!! No pressure, huh? On one hand, I still feel like me. On the other, I feel like an alien in my own body. I tried to not make it that obvious last night, but eventually it just couldn't be helped. I didn't mean to give Julie the cold shoulder, but I was afraid of what might happen next. -_- A guardian, retreating because he's scared of what he might say. Pathetic, I think. I don't know what good it would be for me to stay on this side...I already feel akward being here. I suppose that might just be the energy...and whatever the hell Kragok added to it...but I'm not sure. Joining the Dark Legion may just be an experiment for me. They can't keep me there, right? Especially with this new chaos energy. I don't plan to tell anyone what I decide on until the very last day...in case I change my mind.

-_- I sincerly hope the others haven't planned to do anything today...I'm definitly not in the mood for it.

Kragok -

I had visitors yesterday. Not just any, but my sister and the guardian! I figured it wouldn't be long before we ran in to each other again. I had just finished working on my creation the day before (I stayed up NIGHTS workin' on that, and what do they go and do? Break it!). Oh well, it worked! So that Guardian probably won't have any other CHOICE but to go and join us...and if that's so, then my sister will join us to. I wish she would join simply because I had asked it, rather than following the Guardian like a little puppy...But life don't work that way. She said she still cares for me but...we'll have to see how true her words are.

Like the bastard he IS, he got out ++++. Partially because I let him, simply because Lien had wounded Julie. I don't know what has become of Lien...we barely interact on a regular basis. Then again, I don't know what the hell happened to ANYONE. You look away for a few years and...

It wasn't until late that night that I let Ryler take over. I was fuckin' exhausted after stayin up for a whole WEEK workin' on that...I actually didn't go to sleep until around 5am. I first had some cheap drinks and then I went to go talk to Mel. It didn't seem like hours. It seemed like minutes. Whatever the hell she talked to me ABOUT, I don't really rememeber. But at least she was there to talk at all. The silence of those damn halls really get to you after awhile...so bad I had to start talkin' to myself. I KNOW some of the legionaires are...hn, whats a nice way to put it? "Concerned"? I've had several voulenteer to take over for me the past week. I'm not fucking BLIND, however. Those who voulenteered no longer have the vocal chords to talk about it.

I do so hope they return in two weeks. The company here is rather bad and I miss having someone to play with.

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Saturday, April 6th, 2002


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