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O.o entries =D im good...


Wow!! just... wow!! everything here is so ... wow. i mean, its like... everywhere, every level combined into one place, kinda. oh its confusing, but Sonics still here!! ^_^ so it EASY to stay focused...... anyway, guess what!! i have CHAO now!! ^__^ ee theyre so cute! i love them all, and boy... there are starting to be alot! seems like everyone getsa baby... they all dont pay so much attention to them, im glad there are alot, so they can have playmates!

... wow there may be alot of chao but the amount of PEOPLE is getting out of hand! theres Sonic, Knuckles, Julie-su, and now Aunt Sally!! ^^ i wish Auntie Bunnie was here too... then id have my whole family back!! Shadow is the newest. he tried to kill Sonic, but then, who hasnt?? i think.... yes, ive forgiven him... he... he talked to me... about a girl he used to know, she died. its really messed up... she definitely meant alot to him... its not fair that things like that happen to good people... hes started acting.. very nice, and suddenly hes cold again... i dont understant... i hope he goes back to how things were... he seemed almost happy.

Everyhing is so new, i still really like it though. i get to sleep with Sonic now, insted of seperate beds!! thats really nice, it feels so safe... and knowing aunt Sallys here, with Nicole, she can usually figure everything out! o_o cause theres lotsa stuff... theres... something about me i think, maybe... ya know, im not so important, but... eh.. she DID give the emerald to ME, and and... well ^_^ ah its silly... =D the others seem to be getting advanced healing abilities tho!! i swear they take a hit and as soon as i get over there their wounds are just closing up, its crazy! but conveinent ^_^ Sonic almost died ._. i have to take better care of him! ... If he died, I'd die too...


Well... isnt THIS an interesting situation... Im on a new planet, with a new body, but Sonics here, and little Tails! I'm glad, it was starting to get lonely with Shadow, that asshole;; I wish he hadnt turned out that way, I was almost starting to like him; anyway...
I still have Nicole, thank god. I'm getting along pretty well, and I dont miss home so much, mother and father will get along fine without me, considering Robotnick has moved his fithy enterprise HERE it seems... we had to go on an infiltration mission into his headquarters. ...Sonic and Tails and Shadow having to crossdres... im just thankful we havent met up with Antoine yet o_O or Rotor... XD;;;

o_O Sonic kissed me... I ... I suppose I ... might have been thinking along those lines for wuite a while now ^^; ...hes just... well, the man has a heart of gold... his human form is something to see too... his body matches his heart! ....o_O listen to ME will ya?? ...hhmph. years of deprivation and im victim in an instant XD. ohwell... I'll sort it out I'm sure...


I am in love. me. yeah. julie-su. julie-suicide. julie-survive-me-not. jules the bitch. the badass. i mean, in the legions, it barely registered i was... female. now i have a boyfriend. how sick is THAT. heh. fortunately hes the hottest, cutest, hardest, strongest big little toy on the block. also, i would like to say, just for the record,
THIS MANS NAME IS KNUCKLES. HE IS THE GAURDIAN OF THE FLOATING ISLAND. O____o i mean, what the fuck is THAT supposed to mean?? the man gave me a place to stay, THEN showed me what was what in hand-to-hand... (hah. LIKE i was trying XDD) .....weve fought some shit together and... i think i love him, if this is what love is. i hope so.
Speaking of love.... Kragok. brother. i miss him. i know the bodies must be really piling up around there with me gone... -_- i hope i can.. see him again soon... poor guy broke down when i broke his newest machine of death ._. i feel kinda guilty, but... well. seriously. he was killing Knuckles. i am a candyglass wall between two fighter jets. o_O either one of them hits the gas, and im history. XDD fortunately, im holding both ignitions. o_O hey jesus... im hanging around Sonic too much... that pun went way too far. and was kinda sick. oh well. fuck you. ^__^
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