"But it was like a watch to me!" (satanspetcynic) wrote in shiny_things,
"But it was like a watch to me!"

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inspired by hoobastank!

}}}+*++=++...>[] THUNDERHAWK []<...++=++*+{{{

Just when I thought that I was better. It comes back. I don’t know what it is, after a hundred years or so, I should be over it, but no. its still there. I’m not getting any better. A few times a year, the SoulTouch makes its grand entrance. I LAUGH at the man who called it SoulTouch. Such a delicate thing to call this… this infliction, which causes me to lose every shred of my dignity and control. DAMNABLE SoulTouch! Ugh. I was teasing Locke yesterday and he asked ME why the hell I didn’t have a girlfriend, and I stumbled. Feh! A woman… I only wish it was that simple. It wouldn’t even be a problem… if… if I wanted someone else. But no. My body wants pretty Sojouner. Yes, my Aruora-deemed “brother”. SICK. …I mean, I could have any woman I wanted, especially in this new body… heh…. *pets body* but ANYWAY. Back to my point. My life is BAD. He is so close, and I can usually vent my feelings with play, the man isn’t slowed down by 250 years or something crazy like that. He’s perpetually sixteen apparently!! But me, I guess I’m just perpetually in lust, ne?? No way he ever lets me in, I mean…. It’s wrong… right? God the things id do to him, if given the chance…. DAMN IT. There it is again;;; god help me, I'm left in limbo, why cant I just… get CURED!?? …Anyway… goddamn it. I’m getting fucking repetitive. Ahhhhhh…… I wonder how beautiful Sojji deals with the SoulTouch??! ………..Intriguing….. I shall look into this…….
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