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~>*>::- TAIRSU -::<*<~

^__^ Helloooo journal thingy!! Its Tails again, (I'm using Nicole so no juicy secrets today ^_~-- XDDD!!! j/k) Anyway, things have been going sooooooo well lately!! I can't even believe how greatthisisOMGitsoooooROCKS!! We got a HOUSE!!! A BIG house!! ^___^ I have my own room!! Right next to Sonics!! ._@ Darn it... Just realized I havent changed these jeans in two days... I realize cause I shiften on the bed and now theres a tear in the thigh. n_n Stupid jeans;;; Oh well.. Sonic will help me get new ones...

A few days ago a scary man called Athair tried to kidnap me ._.; He was really powerful and really old andwrinkly and grumpy ._.; I asked Sonic what was wrong with him and Sonic just kinda waved his hand and said "he's OLD" ^^;;; I wish I understood... I almost drowned though. When I escaped, Athair threw me in the pool .___. Sonic saved me though =^_^= I got a long hug and he stayed with me till I fell asleep, he even laid down on the floor with me (i have no bed yet x_X)and kept me warm. I think he put my tails on me when he went away though, cause I stayed warm ^^ <3

^_^ OHH!!! Thehouseissooooomega awsesomewaycool!!! We're right on the edge of these cliffs, they used to be part of the city but that crumbled (._.;;) so now we have an ocean veiw!! (at least thats what Shadow calls it) There are a hundred rooms and the kitchen is all white and stainless steel and thelivingroomcarpetis SO soft... I scootched across it in my socks and when Sonic walked in to get some juice I pounced him. ^---^ He got orange juice all over us both, but it was worth it =DDDD Knuckles came down and said he screams like a woman. Sonic asked how would HE know. (._o! when they fight its scary now... but theyre trying to be normal I can tell) And Knuckles went all red (XDD to match his hair!!) but then he looked all smug and he said He remembered that time when we first moved in and we played Catch The Sonic, and he remembered when he dropped Sonic over the trash dumpster so THATS how he knew. Sonic just looked at him funny a moment then I felt his hands tighten on me and then threw me at Knuckles. XDDD;;; Oh dear;; I didnt think I'd shock him THAT bad;;; All his hair was standing on end.... But the strangest thing happened... I was clinging to his middle, (so he couldnt punch me 0o;;) and he growled and stiffened, and I waited for him to smack me somewhere, and he DIDNT o_O; I just suddenly felt him walking, and I looked up--- and then he started pouring the rest of the juice on my head. ^_^;;; Hehe;; It was strange... but kinda.. cool o.o I guess he'd finally realized just how strong his body is. He's been moping a little though, Julie dissapeared on the day we bought the house. I don't know where she is either. ._.;; I hope she comes back soon, Knuckles is lonely without her.

My chao are coming along great too!! They follow me around the house sometimes, but alot of times I don't see them for awhile. I think theyve been living down in the basement, but last night they all slept on me cause it was cold. ^^ Musta been too cold in the basement... o_^ I'll have to get them a heater. And the new baby, Starburst, is soo~ pretty... Shes growing little spikes, like an echidna, and even has little baby knuckles... awww ^-^ o_o The chao in general are getting stronger though.. Ive never seen chao like this. I mean, I feed them really good and all, and make sure they excersize... o_o but I dunno.

Today I was taking a bath and I found some bubble bath in the bottom of one of the drawers so I took that out and poured a bunch in, (it smelled like strawberrys ^^;) and I filled up the bathtub (which is HUGE o_O AND theres a shower in there with 2 heads!! TWO!! o_O Why would there need to be water at either side of the shower though o_O You cant be in both at once! o_^ Well maybe Sonic could... but anyway I got in and five minutes later all the chao came stampeding in (I think they miss when me and Sonic would take baths with them) and they all got in and started playing but then they were making a huge mess! And Shadow came by and banged on the door and them jumped in, cause Bruiser was covering my mouth and there was all this water pouring out from under the door oO;; But anyway I was sitting there up to my chest in bubbles but there was no water left in the tub o_o; So Shadow had to get the babies out. But HE was even having a hard time... Theyre real smart and turn into glop XDDDD

Anyway o_O Now I hear Sally. She says were going out for Pizza!! =DDD ALL RIGHT!! ^__^ --- O..O Oh no my jeans... =D Pizza! YAY!! ^_^
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