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DON'T READ THIS UNLESS YOUR kokochan OR satanspetcynic.

x GenX Chamber x: Just as Sean opens his mouth to explain fishing to them, Jono somehow gets some words out in a stumbly fashion. [[Can we. Go below deck? --- Just for ... a little more sleep?]] Sean slowly raises an eyebrow at Jono and then looks to Angelo, his green eyes tracing back, and forth, and then pause on Jono. "All righ' ... But I want ye two up here in 'alf an hour." He gives Jono a serious look about it, before he hears Leech yell something about setting the bait "freeeee!" which Sean hurries to take care of. Jono's eyes go down to Angelo then, who hadn't heard his half of the conversation. [[Get up. 'e gave us a deadline.]] It's not really nescecary to say that though, Angelo had heard what Sean said, and that was fairly self explanitory. Both get up, going down into the lower quarters. Nothing very impressive, just a bunch of stuff, a room that needed cleaning. A bed, a desk, and one other chair. Not that Jono was really bothering to note all the details of this room at the moment. He grabbed Angelo's shirt in a sudden manner to bring him close to him, his own back to the wall at the moment. Angelo can feel the sudden warmth on his chest from being close to Jono's.

A Thieves Grin:
Happier than he's been in weeks, Angelo doesn't even glance at the surroundings, delighted at Jono's neediness. Enraptured by his sudden passionate behavior, he scoots forward to comply with the older mutants' wishes. He stretches up on his toes to kiss Jono's forehead, then trails slowly down to his ear, alternately kissing and whispering, his hands gripping Jono's open jacket. "You reaaally like that..." A gentle lick--"Don't you?? I wouldn't've guessed..." He's running out of breath quickly, but, it is ANGELO after all, big mouth to the very end. He begins savaging Jono's ear, lightly biting it all the way around, and then blowing into it, laughing as Jono jerks in response and glares at him. "Oh you don't like that?? You will…" Angelo frowns. "Because I say so!" Its obviously a playful order, so Jono is shocked to find himself borne across the room and thrown onto his back. He's only alone for a second, as Ang turns to lock the door, an action that makes them both tense with anticipation. As he turns and practically leaps onto the bed, he's already talking again, and Jono notices his tense, very tightened movements, as if he's holding back terribly. "Hey Jono… since I do all the kissing…" He gentles his words with a soft kiss to Jono's nose, smiling at him encouragingly. "Got any requests?"

x GenX Chamber x: [[I'm sorry.]] He says with a thick degree of sarcasm on it and an annoyed expression as he looks up to Angelo, but he doesn't push him off like he may of for that sort of remark years before. But knowing they have limited time down here, and he currently really wants to progress here... [[ ... Do it again, Ang...]] He finally says, the request echoing quietly in a psionic whisper through the other boy's head, tickling his senses in a way only a telepath can. [[I want to be able t'feel it again...]] He'd brought one hand up to toy with the ends of Angelo's wavy hair almost in a thoughtful way as he spoke, and keep him close. As said, he couldn't do anymore than touch now, that alone making him fear being left from ever being loved that way again. Hard to be putting himself in such a position of weakness after so long of being so closed up about everything, but the reward is really worth it ...

A Thieves Grin:
"Don't be." Stretching out on his side, he lies parallel to Jono for a moment, just trying to get his breath. His hands are already running all over that thin, lanky body, testing and teasing both of them, pushing open Jono's jacket, and then getting up on his knees to pull it all the way off of him. Gives a reassuringly warm smile. "I'm into it." A beat passes between them, and there's a moment where Jono wonder's why he's paused; but then he ceases to wonder, as he pulls off his own shirt, and throws a leg over Jono, sitting on top of him, looking down into his eyes. Just that one action has him completely hard, and he whimpers slightly when he presses against Jono. "Uh… J-Jono… do… do you mind if I … leave marks... other places??" Before he even gets a response, he's buried his mouth in the bandages just where those thin ribs start to curl inward, and is gently suckling the flesh there. His hands steady Jono's hips as the other mutant pushes forward, and he looks almost pained for a moment as he tries to stay in control of his body. His mouth is busy and he really doesnt want to let go of that soft, clean-tasting bit of Jono he has. He's getting better at speaking in an almost normal tone of voice in Jono's head, and the older mutant can easily hear; 'Please … I want this to be for you too… d.. don't push me…' He nips the thin skin that's actually stretched over the bone, bandages shoved haphazardly to the side, and looks up at Jono with wild, dark eyes, his voice rougher than normal. '...I'm closer than you think.'

x GenX Chamber x: There would of been no way he'd actually say 'no' to that, the only reason there'd be any sort of protest would be Ang removing just -one- wrong bandage and he would be burned. Cools down his energy as much as he can, but it's not very succesful, considering his brain isn't perfectly organized at the moment. Archs up in suprise of a sudden bite where skin is thin over bone before he feels Angelo steady him, looking down to the younger mutant when he hears his voice in his head, [[S--sorry...Justdon'tstop...]] To calm his body is one thing but to have touch come and go like that is a complete other, a torture much different and one that could drive him near crazy. His pale hand clenchs the white sheet underneath as he feels another bite on what remains of the skin of his chest, and suddenly his other hand comes down and holds one silk bandage Angelo was pushing aside thoughtlessly, [[N--not that one.]] A single glimmer of orange energy had sparked out before it was hidden once more, a few specific bandages that can cause the domino reaction of unbandaging, tied like that so he can grab one and pull them all off quickly when he needs to go into battle. [[Wouldn't ... be very good if both of us were missin' a mouth, eh?]] Almost moves again underneath his body, but does remain still.

Thieves Grin:
"Good boy…" Warm breath on his wet, sensitized skin is incredible, and Ang takes a moment to be proud of himself, feeling the wash of satisfaction from Jono. He carefully moves his hands away from where Jono pushed him, then continues to nibble at the side of his solid, pale chest, which always was more filled out than the rest of him. He's not biting nearly as hard as he did at his throat, though, trying not to be too cruel about it. By the time he reaches those marks, his whole body is thrown over Jono's, his skin eagerly welcoming the warmth his friend gives off. He does reach for the bandages again, torturing himself with want to see the marks on Jono's neck; and finally he pulls at them, aching hard. When he finds the tell-tale colors underneath the black silk, he's instantly kissing, sucking, nibbling; anything and everything to feed his hunger for the other mutant. Long, grey fingers move from his sides, up to bury it Jono's silky hair, keeping him still while he just touches his canines to the soft purple edge of the mark. It's still enough to make Jono moan and squirm, which in turn makes Angelo tighten up and hold his breath, trying so hard to make this last. His mouth finally finds it's way to Jono's face, where he delicately presses Jono's eyes closed, trembling. Whispers over them, breathlessly, "How you wanna do this?" Astride Jono's stomach, legs gripping him tight, hands in his hair, Angelo can barely believe this isn't a dream; while Jono, covered in stinging little marks and warm kisses that still tingle all over him, has to wonder if he hasn't actually died and gone to heaven.

x GenX Chamber x: Angelo hears near inhuman sounds of a moan in his head when he concentrates on those earlier marks, Jono unable to keep completly still through that, becoming hard himself, gripping the sheet even tighter. He can't even think how to answer that at first, and through open telepathic link and carelessness, one thought goes straight through his head and into Angelo's --- [[N--No, not that--]] He takes it back quickly, there wasn't an image, but the thought ... They do have to remember where they -are- ... [[I ... I want yer to suck me, Ang ...]] The words tumble out as if to make up for the more direct thought he so quickly removed, but he really doesn't care if it's blunt, Angelo's mouth feels so good on his skin which is more sensitive than it's been in along time, so how good would it feel -there- ... [[Please...]] He adds, knowing it's something he could never return ... How much he asks of Angelo when he can only do so much ...

A Thieves Grin:
Angelo nearly explodes right there, and has to stay still against Jono for a few long moments, breathing hard. 'Jesus …. You… you had me goin' for a second there…' Jono can feel him shaking, his warm, calloused fingertips pressed into his scalp. His eyes are closed, and for a moment, Jono can be afraid, but when those eyes open, anything but arousal dissipates. Angelo moves down to his neck, kissing his marks ever-so-gently now, absolute torture. Jono suddenly hears murmuring, and only just distinguishes something about sexy and hard and wanting more time. When those wild eyes turn back to him, they're just the tiniest bit hesitant, and Angelo slithers down his body just a little bit, staying close. "Jono… I…" He's low enough now to kiss his denim-covered hip; and then his hands are raking down the remains of that pale stomach, and lowering his mouth to just touch that delicate, thin skin below his hipbones. Worshipfully, like kissing moonlight, and then his hands are seeking out Jono's zipper, never breaking their eye contact. "I… don't…" He finally drops his eyes. "I've never done… this to anyone… I mean, I've messed around… a little… back home…" He suddenly snaps out of it, realizing their time limits, and turns back to Jono. His eyes are intense and his hands are sure as he finally figures out he has to undo the top button before he can unzip him. "I've never even thought about doing this to anyone but you. Ever." His clever tongue touches Jono's navel, an amazingly sensitive spot, before he starts to trail down, slowly. "I'm sorry if I'm no good." He presses the flat of his hand to the raised fly of Jono's jeans, and smiles like the devil. "Won't really matter though. S'gonna feel good any way. I promise.

x GenX Chamber x: [[Really ...?]] Only thing Jono gets out and he barely sees the nod to reply, his head going back when he feels a sudden burst of feeling and he hasn't even gotten his pants down yet. Feels wet tounge tease around the area and he could nearly rip the sheet with how hard he feels himself holding them, just vaguely feeling material slip down ... black silk boxers underneath. Everything gets clearer by the moment to him, feel Angelo's body slipping just some farther down, his mind creating the illusions of the nerve receptors in all of it, here and there, and especially right when he --- [[NNNNNnnnn...]] Moan that almost shocks Angelo in Jono's strange paraody of a voice at how -loud- it is suddenly in his head, unconcentrated, so loud it initially seems like Sean is going to come running down to see what that was, before, no, it is just in his head.. Feels like his energy is going to burst out now as he suddenly moves in response to the shock of defined feeling, the best feeling he's had in so long...

A Thieves Grin:
Angelo really isn't very skilled, kissing is one thing, but sucking off another guy… The concept seems simple enough, but it's still awkward, and he's blushing as much as he's ever blushed in his entire life. He never even considers stopping, not with the wave of pleasure that's rolling off Jono--- moaning for HIM, he made a man with no throat moan… With more enthusiasm than actual skill, he manages to go down on Jono more than successfully, using his mouth and his hands and Jono's moans as a sort of guide. Minutes later he has an exhausted, sated Jono on his hands… he also has another mans come on his hands, which is a new experience, but he finds its not altogether unpleasant. He's still hard as all hell and it's starting to become painful. He pulls Jono's boxers up for him, and leaves his jeans down, crawling up to press against his side, grabbing Jono's hand and guiding it to his hip. He's too strained to even offer a smile; he simply latches onto Jono's shoulder, gripping cloth between his teeth to keep from screaming as Jono helps him find his own release. With a choked moan he climaxes into Jono's hand, nearly sobbing with the intensity of it. 'Oh my god… Dios Mio, esta lindo esta perfecto… Tu estas mi corozon, solamente corozon te Amo, te amo… That was…' Unable to even speak, he just lets his thoughts wash over Jono and stays absolutely still, nearly purring with satisfaction.

x GenX Chamber x: Jono only catchs bits and peices of what it means via translation from his own knowledge, from years of hearing Angelo's spanish, but his telepathic connection tells him the rest ... his eyes slowly looking down to Angelo, not wanting to get called back up in ten minutes ... his other arm going around Angelo and holding him so lightly, not wanting to push him any closer to his warm chest, he'll never truely trust himself there. [[ ... Angelo... ]] Doesn't even know where to start his words, the same fragments seeming to come but no words to finish, and finds it rather comforting Angelo settles on just sharing his thoughts, something Jono finds easier to return then words ... He hasn't been this content ... no, this -happy- in years, his own empathic power sharing on that link to let Angelo -know- that --- just closing his eyes then which are partially covered by askew dirty blonde hair and enjoying what he can still feel, while he can.

All the italics and bolds are missing. Gr.
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